Monday, April 25, 2011

Calling Faith a Sunrise is a based upon a true story.

Do you believe in ghosts? If your spouse were to die and later return to you in ghostly form, would you be convinced she or he was real, or would you think you were losing your mind?

Faith Valerie Wannamaker died on what would have been her forty ninth wedding anniversary. A year later she has returned with a ghostly mission: she must convince her husband to repent for his sins or the two of them are going to spend eternity in Hell together, within the Hell the two of them have created for themselves with their choices and actions. In order to accomplish this task, she must reveal to him the truth about their marriage and their life together, in order to break his heart open to make room for God's love and forgiveness.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Autumn is a tragic love story set in the rural New England countryside, circa 1973, as the Vietnam War was slowly coming to an end. Susan Watt's is a beautiful young woman married to a man that will not provide her with the communication and emotional support she craves. He doesn't come home at night, he has another woman, and his treatment of Susan is beginning to take its toll on her health. Out of a sincere need for answers, and overcome with desperation; Susan turns to the caretaker of her church, a young, single man by the name of John, in order to make a connection and gain a man's point of view so that she might discover what has gone wrong within her marriage. Subject to the temptations of a worldly existence, Susan and John must navigate their growing feelings while trying to keep their relationship pure. Under the prying eyes of a small town community, can Susan and John remain 'just friends' as love, lust and loneliness come into play over a long, cold New England winter? Will Susan leave her husband in order to find happiness, or will John carry through with his plans to murder her husband in order to take his place in their bed? Discover all there is to know about four lost and interlaced characters struggling with sin and infidelity within the pages of Autumn.

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