Monday, November 30, 2009

Robert W. Williams, Author

Robert W. Williams was born and raised in Oceanside, NY where he grew up exploring the various marine and woodland environments so familiar to those who live on Long Island or visit its sandy shores. While dreaming of even greater adventure and exploration, he travelled crosscountry with his family, taking in the breathtaking vistas offered by our country's many National Parks. During this time, Robert developed a great love for nature, entertaining such fields of study as biology, horticulture, botany, geology, paleontology, and mineralogy. Always the poet, his explorations of the seaside and the mountains lead him to nurture his love for the written word.

Setting out to write the great American novel, Robert's travels lead him from New York to California at the tender age of 21.  On the west coast, he spent some time in Santa Cruz enjoying the vast splendor of the Pacific. Desiring a more mountainous view, he later moved to Boulder, CO where he spent nine incredible years working on his novels and hiking the rugged trails of the Rocky Mountains. Eventually, his love for the sea and his thirst for new adventure brought him still many more miles from home to the Big Island of Hawaii where he savored the freshly, rain-washed scents of the jungle and dove the coral reefs in and around Pahoa. As his family grew back east, he found himself once again on the move. This time, he landed in Enola, PA where he continued to write while enjoying the company of family and new friends.

Robert now divides his time between the front range of Colorado and Central Pennsylvania where he enjoys trout fishing, hiking, fossil collecting, family and friends. You can often find him wandering the streets of many of the towns along the coast of the Mayan Riviera, taking in the sights and sounds, while dreaming of novels yet to come.

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