Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The year is 2036 and a preacher by the name of Traven Ellenthal has proclaimed that he is Christ returned. He says the world will soon be coming to an end. Worldwide murder rates and suicide rates have begun skyrocketing and no one can explain why. Meanwhile, a geneticist; Dr. Abraham Barrentstein, has announced the discovery of the key to evolution at the chromosomal level. His announcement is followed by a visit from government officials wherein he is informed that a secret they have been keeping from the masses may be the cause behind the deadly, maniacal social trends.

What if God and nature are not through with us yet? What if God is not done creating us in His image? What if our perceived perfection, our reflection of divinity, is only a flaw of our egos? What if evolution is occurring all around us at a pace so slow that none of us can truly appreciate it or recognize it for what it is?

Song of the Seventh Angel is an apocalyptic thriller that challenges everything you may have come to learn about the history of this planet, evolution vs. creation, and the story of the rapture itself. Follow these characters through some of the darkest times on Earth and find out for yourselves who will be saved and who will perish, and why.

You can purchase a copy @ https://www.createspace.com/3478977 or at Amazon.com.
*If you are interested in a signed copy, please contact me personally @ bobby.wonderworld.williams@gmail.com

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